ECTES 2018 starts in:

Main Topics

Highlights of ECTES 2018 in Valencia:

  1. High energy trauma management, how to prioritize
  2. Trauma registries
  3. Complex hip and pelvic fractures
  4. Spine injuries in polytrauma
  5. New developments in fracture care (Navigation, 3D)
  6. Thoracic trauma management
  7. Damage control principles in all spezialities
  8. Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta and other strategies in massive bleeding
  9. Minimally invasive techniques in trauma and emergency surgery
  10. Anesthesia and trauma. Advanced techniques for non invasive monitorization and resuscitation
  11. New strategies in open abdomen and wound care management
  12. Point of care ultrasound
  13. Acute elderly patients
  14. ERAS in trauma and emergency surgery
  15. Pediatric trauma
  16. Advances in Intraabdominal infection management
  17. Education and organization systems in emergency surgery
  18. Recent disasters in Europe (refugee crisis, maritim disasters, terrorist attacks)