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MRMI: Several dedicated international disaster courses are organized across Europe by our members.

The courses are all based on the MRMI (Medical response to major Incidents and Disasters) format, a teaching format introduced by prof Sten Lennquist. Many members have contributed in the development of this format and the subsequent courses. Courses have been given in Kroatia, Netherlands, Madeira, Milaan, Slovenia, Stockholm

Information of the MRMI can be found on:

Active centers with annual courses are:

Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm Sweden ; Contact: Sten Lennquist (
Colegio Dos Jesuitas, Funchal, Madeira; Contact: Pedro Ramos (
San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy; Contact: Roberto Faccincani (

Surgical training for austere environments: Interactive 5 dag course to prepare the candidate for austere conditions.


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As stated in the introduction the section strives to expand its knowledge and expertise. On this page the currently active projects of members are mentioned briefly.

Threats: The THREATS project aims to increase the resilience of EU hospitals as critical infrastructure by improving their protection capability and security awareness against terrorist attacks. It’s aims are:
To develop a reliable method for assessing the risks and vulnerabilities of major EU health infrastructures to terrorist attacks; To prepare specific security and threat assessment models and tools applicable to the Health sector using other EU projects; To challenge these tools through application to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan; To disseminate guidelines designed to optimize the preparedness of hospitals’ healthcare infrastructures against terrorist attacks. For more information mail:

MSF: The section is in negotiation with MSF (Médicine Sans Frontière) in Brussels in regard to provide specialists from our members to assist in medical relief in a broad sense and specifically in regard to disasters.

Many members are enthusiastic for this project. Currently we are negotiating the conditions in regard to insurance etc. If after reading this you would like to apply for this project then mail:


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unbenanntThe Disaster and Military section proudly announces that they strive to annually procure a plaquette, to an individual or institution, in recognition of extraordinary achievements in the field of Disaster and Military medicine. Every member of the section may nominate a person or institute for this prize. Certain rules are applicable, these can be read by pressing this.
The first to receive this prize is prof Sten Lennquist. (2015) He was one of the Founders of ESTES and is considered the godfather of this section. He has an impressive track record of achievements in Disaster medicine, eg. the founder of Macsim® and Editor/ author of Medical Response to major Incidents and Disasters. A milestone in the literature concerning disaster care.

2015: Prof. Sten Lennquist, Sweden
2016: Dr. Gino Strada, Italy


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The Section has 193 individual members and we are happy to see that the numbers are gradually increasing.
The following counties are listed: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA. The Netherlands , Germany and Great Britain, are the top 3 providers of members. We are honored to see that our European society even is growing roots in countries far beyond the European community.


Section Board

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The board of the section is chosen by the members of the section for a term period of 2 yrs and with a possibility for prolongation with another 2 yrs.

Mike Bemelman, trauma surgeon, St. Elisabeth hospital Tilburg, The Netherlands. (April 2013 – April 2017)
He is currently working in a non academic level 1 trauma center. He has special interest in
disaster and military medicine. Prior to the St Elisabeth he has worked for 6 years in the
UMC Utrecht and was involved with activities in the Disaster hospital of the UMC Utrecht,
since 2009 he is a MRMI instructor and has been course director of several courses.

Vice Chair:ramos
Pedro Ramos, Surgeon, Madeira (April 2016 – April 2018)
Chair of Trauma Section of Portuguese Surgical Society since 2012 working at Nelio Mendonça Hospital in Madeira . Special interest in Trauma, Emergency andCatastrophe, European Instructor for ATLS, DSTC, ETC, TEAM, MRMI and leading Portuguese MRMI Project since 2010, where has been Course Director of several courses .


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The ESTES (European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery) was founded in 2007 after a merger between EATES (European Association for Trauma & Emergency Surgery) and ETS (European trauma Society). Within the EATES a Disaster and Military section already existed since 2006 and was founded by Sten Lennquist. Subsequently and after the formation of ESTES the disaster and military section was the first to be re-installed in 2008 with Sten Lennquist as past president of ESTES and chair of the Disaster and Military section.

In 2010 the first Vice Chair was installed within the section with Fernando Turegano.
Together with the founding of ESTES a merging was realized between the EJTES (European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery) and the International Journal of Disaster Medicine. The latter being under the guidance of Sten Lennquist as Editor.
In 2012 Sten Lennquist past on the Chairmanship of our Section.


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The Disaster and Military section is one of the 5 sections of the ESTES, The section has a board which is directly under the executive board of the ESTES and represents approximately 190 individual members from many countries. The section has the ambition to be active within the disaster and military field. Several initiatives have been made to provide disaster courses. During the ECTES congresses we strive to provide interesting topics and talks with renown speakers and experts from all over the world. Currently new initiatives are explored in expanding our knowledge and expertise. For more details we invite you to look at the “Projects” and “Courses” page.