MRMI: Several dedicated international disaster courses are organized across Europe by our members.

The courses are all based on the MRMI (Medical response to major Incidents and Disasters) format, a teaching format introduced by prof Sten Lennquist. Many members have contributed in the development of this format and the subsequent courses. Courses have been given in Kroatia, Netherlands, Madeira, Milaan, Slovenia, Stockholm

Information of the MRMI can be found on:

Active centers with annual courses are:

Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm Sweden ; Contact: Sten Lennquist (
Colegio Dos Jesuitas, Funchal, Madeira; Contact: Pedro Ramos (
San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy; Contact: Roberto Faccincani (

Surgical training for austere environments: Interactive 5 dag course to prepare the candidate for austere conditions.