EBSQ in Emergency Surgery

European Board of Surgery Qualification in Emergency Surgery:

The European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ) in Emergency Surgery is awarded by the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).  It is a 2-stage quality validation process consisting of an Eligibility assessment and an Examination leading to the award of the title “Fellow of the European Board of Surgery in Emergency Surgery – F.E.B.S./EmSurg.”

A UEMS fellowship (F.E.B.S.) represents a high-level validated quality controlled process and reflects certain knowledge and skills of a candidate.  The title F.E.B.S./EmSurg will confirm that the holder has successfully demonstrated knowledge and skills in Emergency Surgery that, in most cases, far exceed the requirements of a national Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training.

The Eligibility assessment is made on information provided by the candidate at the time of application for the examination.  It is based on the candidate’s operative experience, but also includes a requirement for publication of work in scientific journals and participation in relevant national or international meetings. Operative experience is assessed on the basis of a logbook and the performance of specific core procedures.  The assessment of additional skills is structured in such a way that it should be possible to  accommodate the variety of emergency surgical practice across Europe.

Candidates should also have completed the ATLS and DSTC courses (although there are provisions for alternatives) and should have completed their specialist training.  Applications must be supported by two independent experts (e.g. trainers). Candidates must pass the Eligibility assessment in order to take the  Examination.

The Examination is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and consists of a 3-hour multiple choice test (MCQ) of 100 questions and a 6 station objective structured clinical assessment (OSCE).

The cost of applying for the EBSQ in Emergency Surgery is €700 of which €350 is required at the time of application for the Eligibility assessment.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, the next examination for this qualification will take place online. The MCQ examination will be held on Saturday 17th April 2021 and the OSCE examination on Saturday 24th April 2021. The closing date for applications is 19th March 2021.

Further details of the examination, syllabus, eligibility requirements (including a full list of procedures required for the logbook) and application process can be found on the Emergency Surgery pages of the UEMS Website.  There is also a suggested reading list to help prepare for the examination.

For enquiries please contact: office@uemssurg.eu