Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

It’s a great pleasure for me and the organising committee to invite you to the 20th Congress of the European Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES). The congresses in the past have shown that our congresses are of interest and importance not only for Europeans, but also for colleagues from all over the world. We appreciate that interest very much.

The congress has two aspects: first, to present and to discuss the newest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the treatment of trauma and emergency surgery, to report evidence based results, to discuss them and to address controversies. Second, to bring people together for close partnership or even friendship, to exchange experiences and to establish scientific cooperations. For all this, Prague provides ample opportunities as well as a unique ambience.

We have made an effort to process remarks and comments from the international faculty and the participants of the previous congresses to further improve the quality of the scientific sessions and discussion rounds. Also, we want to put emphasise on case discussions.

In order to achieve all this, we need the participation of the industry. That is why we ask you to support us at the meeting, in order to attract young doctors and researchers from all over the world to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic with its grandiose heritage locations.

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague in May 2019


Peter Wendsche
ECTES 2019 President

Pavel Drac
ECTES 2019 Congress Secretary

Christoph Josten
ESTES President 2018/2019

Hayato Kurihara
ESTES Treasurer