As stated in the introduction the section strives to expand its knowledge and expertise. On this page the currently active projects of members are mentioned briefly.

Threats: The THREATS project aims to increase the resilience of EU hospitals as critical infrastructure by improving their protection capability and security awareness against terrorist attacks. It’s aims are:
To develop a reliable method for assessing the risks and vulnerabilities of major EU health infrastructures to terrorist attacks; To prepare specific security and threat assessment models and tools applicable to the Health sector using other EU projects; To challenge these tools through application to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan; To disseminate guidelines designed to optimize the preparedness of hospitals’ healthcare infrastructures against terrorist attacks. For more information mail:

MSF: The section is in negotiation with MSF (Médicine Sans Frontière) in Brussels in regard to provide specialists from our members to assist in medical relief in a broad sense and specifically in regard to disasters.

Many members are enthusiastic for this project. Currently we are negotiating the conditions in regard to insurance etc. If after reading this you would like to apply for this project then mail: