Section Board

The board of the section is chosen by the members of the section for a term period of 2 yrs and with a possibility for prolongation with another 2 yrs.

Mike Bemelman, trauma surgeon, St. Elisabeth hospital Tilburg, The Netherlands. (April 2013 – April 2017)
He is currently working in a non academic level 1 trauma center. He has special interest in
disaster and military medicine. Prior to the St Elisabeth he has worked for 6 years in the
UMC Utrecht and was involved with activities in the Disaster hospital of the UMC Utrecht,
since 2009 he is a MRMI instructor and has been course director of several courses.

Vice Chair:ramos
Pedro Ramos, Surgeon, Madeira (April 2016 – April 2018)
Chair of Trauma Section of Portuguese Surgical Society since 2012 working at Nelio Mendonça Hospital in Madeira . Special interest in Trauma, Emergency andCatastrophe, European Instructor for ATLS, DSTC, ETC, TEAM, MRMI and leading Portuguese MRMI Project since 2010, where has been Course Director of several courses .