Training day for candidates of EBSQTrauma

The first time an EBSQTrauma (European Board of Surgery Qualification in Trauma) exam will be held at ECTES 2016 in Vienna. This exam exists since 1999 and was annually organized at the DGU, later DKOU meeting.
The exam will strengthen the role of ESTES for the quality and harmonization of trauma care in Europe. Parallel to the EBSQTrauma exam and also for the first time, the EBSQEmergency Surgery exam will take place at ECTES 2016 in Vienna as well.
The executive board of ESTES decided to organize a preparatory day for all possible candidates of the EBSQTrauma exam. This one-day event with state-of-the-art lectures will be called “Fit for Europe”, as it will help the candidates for the exam to refresh their knowledge in traumatology. Also residents and specialists, who are not applying for the exam, are welcome to attend the refresher course.

The training day will to focus on colleagues from East-European countries. The course will only be accessible after inscription and payment of a 100,-€ fee.

The day is structured in eight lectures of 45 minutes with 15 minutes of questions and answers. There will be four lectures in the morning and four in the afternoon. Thoracic trauma (25 minutes) and traumatic brain injury (20 minutes) will be combined into one 45 minutes lecture.


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