Education Committee


Welcome to the Education Committee of the European Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES).

At ESTES, we are dedicated to advancing the field of trauma and emergency surgery through education, collaboration, and innovation. Our educational initiatives aim to promote excellence in the field, involve and inspire young colleagues.

Our Objectives

  • Promote Educational Activities: We strive to provide a platform for continuous learning and professional development in the field of trauma and emergency surgery. Through workshops, webinars, and courses, we aim to keep our members updated with the latest advances and best practice.
  • Involve and Attract Young Colleagues: We believe that the involvement of young colleagues is vital for the future of our field. We organize mentorship programs, networking events, and career development opportunities to attract and nurture young talent.
  • Engage Residents: Residents are the future of trauma and emergency surgery. We provide resources, support, and guidance to help residents excel in their training and become outstanding surgeons.
  • Evaluate the Value of Society Initiatives: We continuously assess the impact of our educational initiatives to ensure they meet the needs of our members. Feedback and data analysis help us refine our programs and make them even more valuable.

For inquiries and more information, or to suggest new initiatives related to trauma and emergency surgery please contact us at or visit our website at

Join us in our pursuit of educational excellence, and let’s make a difference in the world of trauma and emergency surgery.

Diego Mariani
Diego MarianiChair
Legnano, Italy
Sascha Halvachizadeh
Sascha HalvachizadehVice Chair
Zurich, Switzerland