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Trauma, Emergency General Surgery, Surgical Critical Care, Elective Surgery, Rescue Surgery.

These are the 5 pillars of Acute Care Surgery, and they should represent the surgeon’s cultural and technical background when dealing with a critical patient. We know that it is often not easy at all.

We have thought of proposing a “full immersion” that can be stimulating. A single-issue day, because it is dedicated to Acute Care Surgery, and therefore aimed at investigating specific aspects, we hope effectively. But also a “polythematic” day, because multifaceted are the skills, not only surgical, that must be kept alive for surgeons and for all professionals who are dedicated or who must even periodically address the urgent and critically ill surgical patient. We are sure that this journey among the 5 pillars of Acute Care Surgery, with different themes but dealt with in depth, can be an excellent opportunity to learn from each other: elective surgeons and emergency surgeons, intensivists, infectious disease specialists, nurses, emergency physicians and pre-hospital emergency doctors.

We have included a common thread in the program, hypothermia, which, in addition to taking up a dedicated space, will be addressed from different clinical perspectives. We can tell you nothing about the clinical case that will open the day, but we assure you that it would put anyone (and will put you) to the test! Two prestigious foreign guests will be with us, live online: Andy Peitzman, “father” of the surgical rescue concept, from Pittsburgh, and April Mendoza, from Mass Gen in Boston. Heartfelt thanks to all those who made this initiative possible.

Lecco, its splendid mountains, its Manzoni’s places, its lake, its educational and technological centers of excellence (Politecnico / National Research Center), and of course the whole Manzoni Surgical Team are waiting for you!

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