The ESTES (European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery) was founded in 2007 after a merger between EATES (European Association for Trauma & Emergency Surgery) and ETS (European trauma Society). Within the EATES a Disaster and Military section already existed since 2006 and was founded by Sten Lennquist. Subsequently and after the formation of ESTES the disaster and military section was the first to be re-installed in 2008 with Sten Lennquist as past president of ESTES and chair of the Disaster and Military section.

In 2010 the first Vice Chair was installed within the section with Fernando Turegano.
Together with the founding of ESTES a merging was realized between the EJTES (European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery) and the International Journal of Disaster Medicine. The latter being under the guidance of Sten Lennquist as Editor.
In 2012 Sten Lennquist past on the Chairmanship of our Section.