Postgraduate course in medical response to major incidents (MRMI)

Background and aims of the course

The medical response to major incidents is a chain of many components: Prehospital response, transport, hospital response, communication, coordination & command. The outcome of the response is dependent on the function of all these components, and also (which is important) how they function together.

Consequently, effective and realistic training and evaluation of the medical response cannot be done by training of one isolated component: The different functions must be trained together to make possible an accurate evaluation of the outcome, as a base for learning and further development of the methodology.

A way to achieve this is using advanced simulation models. In such models, special emphasis can be put on any of the components in the chain, but all the other components also have to be illustrated and involved to permit a complete and realistic training as well as an accurate evaluation of the outcome with regard to mortality and complications.
 The aim of the present course is to illustrate and teach a methodology that can be used to achieve these goals. This methodology can be used for training and evaluation of any organization and any way or working and is thereby widely applicable.

Design of the course

The course is open for staff involved in all the above listed functions. In your application, you must register in the respective category you want to train (if you can consider to train in more than one of the functions, you can list them according to your priority, see application form). In selecting participants, we have the aim to get an appropriate distribution of staff among the different functions.

The course is combined with an instructor course. Those qualified to train as instructors arrive earlier for instructor training and then attend the basic course as instructors under mentorship of the course faculty. 
The course is built up in two steps:

(1) Limited training session under guidance of instructors

(2) Two full-day simulation exercises where the whole response to a major incident is trained and evaluated under guidance of instructors. All participants are actively working in their respective functions.

Examination and diploma

A written examination will be performed at the end of the course. Approved examination results in a diploma.

Simulation system

The MACSIM system will be used in this course (
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Past courses

  • 10-15 November, 2009 – Split, Croatia
  • 05 – 07 October, 2010 – Milan, Italy
  • 06-11 March, 2011 – Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 26-28 April, 2011 – Milan, Italy
  • 26-28 November, 2012 – Stockholm, Sweden
  • 22-24 August , 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden