Polytrauma course

The polytrauma course is intended to connect the knowledge of different disciplines (visceral surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and intensivists) and to improve the quality of treatment. In 2002 the English course “Polytrauma Management – Beyond ATLS” was initiated by Prof. Giannoudis and Prof. Pape. It is intended to complement the existing concepts of ATLS and DSTC.

This course focuses precisely on the phase after ATLS, meaning the entire clinical process including rehabilitation.

Following topics will be discussed:

  • Life saving operations: Which organ comes first?
  • Management of combined injuries (Head/Chest/Abdomen)
  • Treatment strategies for multiple extremity injuries
  • Indications and techniques Damage Control Surgery
  • Prevention strategies for organ failure: Modulation of SIRS
Announcement Polytrauma course

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